The Wag, Live, Love Vision

The world is viewed as a Friendly Place. A world where people smile and know that love is unlimited. A world where we value dogs as beloved companions, family members and teachers. A world where we actually see each other as people, not objects, consistently. A world where we show our affection and share with each other, without fear. A world where we play more and are grateful on a daily basis.

This is the Wag, Live, Love Vision. Through the book, the blog and our programs, our intention is to share this vision widely throughout the world. By practicing the WLL concepts, readers will increase their Positivity quotient and consequently their happiness, creativity and resourcefulness. We consider and value each reader (and contributor to the WLL blog) as an important pebble thrown in the pond of Life, who will ripple out into their own circles of friends, family and colleagues with Positivity. When enough of us create enough ripples, we will indeed see the world as a happier place. In this age of chronic depression, cynicism and unhappiness, this is a most worthy endeavor. Thank you for being an important part of this force for change.

Wag, Live, Love – the Book

Wag, Live, Love (Agile Holiday Press, 2010) is a collection of 30 stories about Life Lessons that we learn from dogs, told through the eyes of two Samoyeds, Tasja and Magellan. Each story is accompanied by a beautiful photograph and illustration, and three “Thoughtful Paws” – reflections from Master Coach Ginger Jenks to expand and anchor the wisdom from each lesson into the reader’s own experience.

This beautiful coffee-table style book is available on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com. As you will read below in the testimonials from Wag, Live, Love fans, this book makes a wonderful gift, and is a book that readers return to again and again for a quick smile or lift in their day.

Wag, Live, Love was inspired by the two Samoyeds in the book, Tasja and Magellan. Author Ginger Jenks was moved by what she learned from them, and was hounded for many years by subscribers to her coaching newsletter, Building Blocks, to write an inspirational coaching book that included the practical wisdom of Building Blocks. Wag, Live, Love is the result. We hope you enjoy it, and hope you will write your own testimonial on Amazon.com.

Wag, Live, Love was originally published as I Bark Because I Do – Bite Sized Lessons for Happier Living (Authorhouse) in 2009. If you bought the original “I Bark,” this is the same book, re-titled to clarify that it is not a dog training book.

About the Author

Author, Master Coach, dog trainer and CEO Ginger Jenks lives in the beautiful mountain town of Durango, Colorado, where she lives her passions of writing, coaching and dogs.  She has three Samoyeds, Rory, Imp and Lincoln.

A top competitor nationally in agility and conformation events with Rory and Imp, Ginger is also an advocate for dogs and how they bring joy, positivity and connection to humanity.

Wag, Live, Love (previously released as I Bark Because I Do) is Ginger’s first book.  Her coaching newsletter, Building Blocks, has been read by thousands of people since 1998.  Visit www.magellangj.com for more information on Ginger’s coaching company, Magellan Enterprises.