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Choose the Right Story for You…


Much of our outlook and level of Happiness is determined by the stories we tell ourselves. If you are looking for offense, you will surely find a way to see it,  whether it was real or not, and whether it was intended or not.   The net affect will be you feel badly, which makes you less happy, […]

New Year’s The Ultimate “Do-Over”

When something doesn’t go the way we want it to, we often long for a “do-over.” The concept of “New Year” as a holiday is the ultimate do-over. We create a big celebration on its eve, and all of us jump into the do-over together. In the softball game of Life, if you were losing […]

Choosing To Be Humbled – What?!


Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? When we’re always trying our best to look good, why would you seek out being humbled? I had this opportunity recently, though I didn’t choose it consciously the first time around. My friend Kate mentioned that a local yoga studio was having a “Community Day”, where all classes and events were […]

How to Super-Charge Your Energy


Think of yourself as a battery. A battery stores energy. Fully charged, it has lots of juice and can supply power to run all kinds of things. When a battery is weak, say in a flashlight, the light is dim and might shut off completely at any moment.   People fall into three categories:  Chargers, Drainers […]

The Fundraiser Was A Success… Thank You!


Many thanks also to everyone who bought one or more copies of “Wag, Live, Love – What Dogs Teach Us About Happiness and Life” during the fundraiser at Maria’s Bookshop for Annie’s Orphans, a no-kill animal shelter in Durango, CO, and the on-line fundraiser for Mid-Atlantic Samoyed Rescue. We donated $400 to these very worthy […]

The Joy We Can Learn From Dogs


From my KIQX radio interview with on Wag, Live, Love this morning: Imp and Rory singing “The First Noel”: I spoke with Ed Lacy of Four Corners Broadcasting about the joyousness we can learn from dogs. Later, Rory did Therapy Dog visits at Mercy Hospital, where we also got to visit friends Adele Nielsen and […]